Sunday, October 19, 2014

Butchoy Olano: A Big Loss to the Gamefowl Industry

Photo from San Juan Coliseum Facebook page

            The Philippine cockfighting industry is grieving because of the loss of Butchoy Olano. According to the report, he was died because of liver cancer. Before this he had been confined for two weeks in the hospital until his body was gave up due of complications. This news was first released in social media and his death became a topic in some FB groups. Cockers are sending their condolence to Olano Family. They also gives a tribute to Butchoy; they says that he is a big loss in the gamefowl industry. They want to thank him for what he contributed in our sport. He will remember him as a good cocker and a good person too.

            Butchoy is known as one of the finest cockers in the country. He became a champion in some big events. He is known also for being an expert ‘sultador’ and he was served as a cockpit manager of Pasay Cockpit Arena, owned by Cong. Patrick Antonio. Because of the ability of Butchoy, he became a popular in our sports. He is also a close friend or a buddy to Eric Dela Rosa of Diego-EDR Gamefarm. 

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