Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Who is Your Idol in Cockfighting?

Photo from sabong.net
                For sure, everyone of us has an idol in cockfighting. We admired them because they are very expert with their breeding method. Their products have a good result; they knew how to work with their chicken. It has a high percentage of winning when they fight it. Sometimes, we are dreaming that someday we could also like them. There’s nothing wrong with this kind of thought; but it is better if we only serve them as our inspiration. Don’t imitate them, instead try to be different or make your own trademark. Every one of us, has a chance to become a popular if we will only hone our craft.

                By the way, who is your idol in cockfighting? Is it Patrick Antonio who had got the word ‘idol’ in his first name? His name is already a household and because of his popularity, he built his own feeds company and became a representative of a party-list. It means that he is not only a good cocker but a good businessman and a politician as well. We knew through cockfighting we could build connections. Mr. Antonio just knows how to leverage his popularity. In terms of handsome gamecocks, we admired Biboy Enriquez and Nene Abello. These two gentlemen are very popular with their Sweaters.  They are both veterans in cockfighting and during this time their chickens are still in demands to the buyers.

                Many of us admire some breeders from Bacalod. This place is very known as a home of the chicken man from the likes of Lacson Family, Hinlo Family, Lance Dela Torre, Mayor Juancho Aguirre many more. I always hear that some cockers loves the Greys and the Lemon Guapo of Mayor Juancho Aguirre. Aside from being handsome chickens, they also said that they like the result when they bred it.

                But when we talk about lady cockers, only few names shines they are Osang Dela Cruz and Robi Yu Panis, a lady gaffer and a farm manager of Firebird Gamefarm owned by Biboy Enriquez. These two ladies became an idol in the Philippine cockfighting scene. They are inviting the ladies that they should also try to enter into the world of cockfighting. They changed the truth that cockfighting is a gentleman sport. They proved that cockfighting has no gender barrier and they also gained the respects of male cockers.

                If we talk about idol in cockfighting, we can’t avoid to cite the name of some foreign breeders  particularly the American Breeders. Until now, many of us are still importing chickens from them. Because of them, we improved how we breed our chickens. Maybe some of us will cite Carol Nesmith, Mel Sims, Johnie Jumper as their idols.

                But do you believe that there are few cockers, don’t idolize any breeders? Not because they think that they are a great cocker or breeder; but because they believe that we are only equal. Even the popular breeders are also losing with their fight. So, it is not a big deal if you have an idol in cockfighting. For them, just work with your chicken and just do the right thing that you already knew and just always aim high. Not to impress anyone, but to prove to yourself that you can make it also!


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