Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Thrill and Excitement in Cockfighting


                How do you feel every time you’re fighting your chicken in a cockpit arena? Are you relax or you feel nervous? Is there a time that you want to wee to your pants because of extreme nervous? If you have only heart problem, you will suddenly die at the very moment. Maybe that will be happened if your bet is too big and you have a doubt that you’re going to win unless you’re such a big time cocker who don’t care about money because you have plenty of it. We already witnessed big names in cockfights who are betting million pesos in every fight. It seems that is only a small amount of money of them. Unlike ordinary cockers, they are only betting minimum.

               It is only natural for us to feel nervous; not only in cockfighting, but in every aspect of our lives. It doesn’t mean that when you feel this feeling you’re already feared of something. This is only a part of every game. Nervous is just temporary, afterwards it will give you hope and motivation and of course, thrill and excitement too. The important is you know how to handle nervous and you have a trust to your chicken. Even when you lose in a fight, you’re going to be okay. You know that there always a next time in cockfighting.  Maybe you’re not lucky today, but tomorrow there is a possibility that you could win. This is the nature of our sport. The good thing is you have only two choices, “sa meron o sa wala” and no one is denominating here. So, every one of us has a chance to become a champion in a derby. 

                On the contrary side, do you already felt that you’re in ecstasy while fighting your chicken? It seems you’re like Major Doromal who always in a happy mood because every time when he fights he always kicking in the air as a martial artist. While he is doing this the audience chanting him with “Yah, Yah”! What a funny scenario, it seems that you’re watching a kung fu movie. There are also some cockers love to dance when they are fighting. They don’t care even other people looking at him as a fool. But for the open minded, there is nothing about their behavior. They only want to magnetize the positive energy to their chickens. There is no problem even if they would lose. At least, they enjoyed their fights.

                In the end, cockfighting is not about is not about winning or losing the game; but is about how enjoy the sport. For the thrill and excitement in our circles never ends. Happy cocking, everyone!

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