Thursday, August 28, 2014

What's Your Favorite Gamefowl Bloodline?

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                Every one of us has a certain favorite bloodline of chickens. Some of us are Sweater mania while the others loves Hatch chicken. They are know for being a good chicken, not only with their looks but also with their attributions. Or we can based it if that bloodline is a trend in an area. The Asil chickens are widely used in some Asian countries like Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand, etc. It is just natural that this kind of chicken is their favorite. Here in the Philippines, we are already influenced by American breeders. We derived our bloodlines mostly from them. It also means that we have also a different favorite of chickens. Until now, many of us love imported chicken although some of Pinoy breeders already established their own bloodlines.

                We have different reasons  or explanations why that’s kind of chicken became our favorite. If you have a favorite chicken, you’re the one who can answer why you chose them or what you saw about them? Maybe we chose them because they are handsome chicken or because of their body conformation and we love also their characteristics. And of course, we like also how they fight in a cockpit arena. But don’t think that the observation of a one cocker is also applicable also to others. Of course, we have a different opinion and method on how we work with our chickens. But some of us much favored with that bloodline because they acquired it to a popular breeder for a high price.

     If some of us love colored-chickens; some cockfighters choosing off-colored chickens either it is Grey, Dom, etc. But of course, they already mixed with colored chickens. They turned their attention with off-colored chicken because they want to become known with this color. They knew, that there are already popular breeders who are known with their colored-chickens.

                But there are also some cockfighters who don’t have a favorite bloodline. They treat them equally because for them all the chickens has their own good characteristics.  Sometime the chicken that you did not chose is the best fighter. It is up to the breeder how you work with them so, they could perform in the cockpit. Some them once experience that they have a favorite chicken; they expected that chicken to be great in a fight but the performance was really bad. Because of their disappointment, they removed their favoritism over chickens.        

                But of course, there’s no perfect bloodline at all. We need to improve our chicken either it is our favorite or not by infusing them another bloodline. For example, the bloodline has a good cutting but it has lack of cleverness. So, what they have to do is they should find a bloodline who is clever and cross it with their favorite bloodline.


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