Friday, August 15, 2014

The Challenge of Being a Gamefowl Breeder

             It is not so easy to become a breeder because it takes a lot of challenges. You should consider many things; from the time of choosing your material. You have also to consider what’s bloodline you want to breed and where do you cross it.  Of course, you will choose your favorite chicken bloodlines, either it is a Roundhead, Sweater, Grey, Dom, etc. You need to know what’s the background or record of that chicken. Is that came from a winning line or not? You should also check it’s body proportion and you will see how it plays through sparring. For sure, you’re looking for a chicken with gameness and have cleverness.

                Then, aside from the rooster, you should also check the hen. Other breeders choosing hen which has a body football type and of course, they also want to know the records of its brothers. If the brothers have a good record, then the hen is deserving to use as a material. You’re hoping that the brood cock and the hen should nick when you combine them. But aside from these, of course, you have some standards in choosing for your breeding material.

                Maybe there are times that you want to up from your breeding because of the problems that you have encountered. You’re disappointed with the result of your breeding although you thought that you did the right thing. You only tasted a lot of losing when you tested your gamecocks in a cockpit. But you understand that this is just a part of life as a breeder. Not in all seasons, your products could get a good result. Even the veteran breeders had already experienced this situation. So, you will realize that it is okay, all you have to do is to improve your breeding. Maybe next time you would also become a lucky. There’s an adage says that you life is a continuous process of learning. Just remember that breeding is a trial and error. That’s why you should not stop from breeding. Mistake is just a part of learning, so don’t lose your hope. To lessen the mistake, you should ask to the experts. They will only guide you, but still it has no guarantee that you become 100% succesful. But through your effort what you visualized would come true.

                For other breeders, you can measure your success, not only when you’re chickens are winning in a derby. But also when there are many people believing in your capacity as a breeder. When they are acquiring your products because they believed that they are good chickens. It’s not just about the money that you could earn; but the honor that you will gain from it.


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