Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Should Cockfighting be Banned in the Philippines?

              Of course not! Because cockfighting is already a part of our culture. Before the Spaniard arrived in our country, according to the history our ancestors were already raising gamefowl chicken. Cockfighting was their favorite past time. And now cockfighting became a billion pesos industry although some people ignored it. They don’t know that this is a source of a livelihood; not only for the businessman, but also for the ordinary people who became a beat caller, sentenciador, gaffer, handler, cocpit vendors, etc.

                The sad thing, there are some groups want to stop cockfighting in the Philippines particularly the animal rights activists and even some moralist. They are not looking at the positive side of cockfighting helps a lot of people. For them, this is just a gamble and an animal cruelty. You gain nothing here, but it could just ruin your life if you will become addicted. These are the reason why they want our sport to be banned. They are lobbying to the Congress to they should pass an anti-cockfighting bill.

                Maybe some of us are very relaxed, they believed that cockfighting could not be banned in the Philippines because many politicians are also cockfighters. So, why they would support the bill that against with their belief and moral ascendency? If they would support that kind of bill, voters will not elect them in the election. Because the majority of the male voters are also supporters of cockfighting. If they will do this, it seems that they are putting in danger their political career. Yes, this is very true. But don’t  just be relaxed, everything is possible.  So, we must be aware at all times. Remember what happened to America, cockfighting was already existed for how many decades before it declared as illegal. Now, American cockfighters there can breed chicken, but they don’t have a right to organize a derby. Do you want to happen this in our country?

                But what if cockfighting becomes an illegal in our country? What would you do? According to some cockfighters that I talked, there will be having a civil disobedience. They make a national protest to bring back the cockfighting in the Philippines. So, the government will also decide to re-eligalize our beloved sport. For sure, before this could happen all cockfighters would unite to stop the anti-cockfighting bill. But as what I said, we always be aware of the works of our common enemies. Maybe as of now, we have not felt their force because we are looking only to our side. Without realizing that they are also here and trying to destroy the cockfighting in the Philippines.  

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