Saturday, August 16, 2014

How to Become a Responsible Cockfighter?

James Batay of FIVE FOR FIGHTING GAMEFARM, one of the responsible cockers in the Philippines
                  Some people looking at us as a gambler and they assumed that we are love also violence. Yes, it is true that gambling is the negative side of our sport and yes, cockfighting is a bloody sport. But we can’t blame them if this is the opinion of others. But once they understood what’s our sport all about they will say  to themselves that they are wrong. Instead to become angry with them, let us ignore them. Everybody is entitled to their opinion.

                To become a responsible cockfighter, we should know what’s our limitation. Use only the excess money that we have. We knew that cockfighting is a very expensive hobby; if you can’t control yourself one day there’s a tendency that you would lose all of your wealth. I knew some cockfighters and breeders, they were former rich, but when they began to addicted to gambling they became a loser. From richness, they put  themselves in extreme poverty. They sold all their properties and when they sunk  in debts.  Hope that you will not wait this will happen to you before you control yourself. If you don’t have enough budget to raise chickens, don’t enter in breeding or just maintain a few chickens to maximize your budget. When you bet, go for minimum bet only although you feel that you’re gonna win. Always remember that in every fight, you don’t have an assurance that you’re gonna be a lucky one. At least, if ever you lose, you don’t regret because your bet is just not too high.

                Don’t also give your full attention to your chickens, remember that you have a family that you need to take care. If you don’t have a time with your family because of your chicken, they will not condemn your activities. But if you balance or split rightfully your time and attention between your family and with your chicken, you will get their support. It’s also a good factor that you’re also earning from your hobby through selling chickens. So, your family will see that you’re not just throwing money for your chicken; you’re also earning from it. They will proud of you because your hobby is also generating income; not only for the operation of your gameyard, but you’re also using the money for the needs of your family.

                Last, you’re a responsible cockfighter, if you’re not cheating. Like what the late Emoy Gorgonia said, “Do everything except cheat.” It is easy to cheat and by doing that you could be a winner. But you will not be totally happy because you knew to yourself that you’re just a cheater. And to become a cheater it also means that you’re a loser! If you’re one of the bad guys in cockfighting, you should stop from doing this. Because anytime you will get caught by your opponents or by the cockpit management. Always remember that cockfighting is composed of gentleman and honest people. Rotten tomatoes could be thrown away, so it could not infect the fresh ones. 

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