Saturday, August 9, 2014

DVH & Sons Gamefarm: Champion in Cockfighting

From DVH & Sons Facebook fan page
       No, this is not Father and Sons, the group of singers from 90’s who made popularized the song ‘Miss na Miss Kita’. But this is about DVH & Sons of the famous family Hinlo from Bacolod. You will find their farm in Bagong Silang, Salvador, San Bebidecto in Negros Occidental. Their gamefarm has a spectacular view, if you here it seems that you’re in a forest park. There’s a falls in your way going to their farm. The structures are very smooth and organized although it has a wide area. No, doubt that it is good to raise chickens in their area because everything is alrright. The weather condition is really good and the air is so fresh.

DVH & Sons Gamefarm is producing thousands of chickens in every season. The foundation of their bloodlines came from Billy Abott and Jimmy East. Their bloodlines are composed of Kelso, Dan Grey, Roundhead, etc. One of their signature bloodlines is the Black. This bloodline was the favorite of his Danilo. He acquired his first black to a small time breeder. But that breeder told him that they acquired it to Gary Gulliam. Before this he already witnessed the fight of the blacks. It has a gameness and very good in cutting. That’s why he aimed to have this kind of chicken. Danilo developed the Blacks that he acquired; he infused it Hatches and Roundhead. He was not wrong with his decision because this bloodline gave him a lot of championships.

In terms of choosing a warrior, Dante Hinlo is like also the other breeder. He bases it on its weight and to the body conformation of the chicken. He loves chicken that has a medium body built. He also believed that although proper management and condition has a big factor in cockfighting; luck is also important to determine your chance to win in a derby. Due to the fact that every cockfighters nowadays knows how to select good chickens. So, only luck could point out who’s going to win between you and to your opponent. But it doesn’t mean that you should neglect some of the important parts of breeding and conditioning.

Hinlo family is already a trademark, not only in Bacolod but in the whole Philippines. There are many cockfighters and breeders who are aiming to acquire their bloodlines because they made a lot of good records in derbies.  Once, they became a Breeder of the Year in Negros Gamefowl Breeders Association (NGBA).  The late Danilo Hinlo was the one who started to make a prestige to their family and built their farm. But when he died, his son Dante Hinlo inherited the farm. But of course, when his father was still alive; they were back to back every time there was a derby. Dante really admired his father because it taught him a lot in many aspects from chicken breeding to cockfighting. The good thing also, the son of Dante named Paul has also an interest in chicken. This is not surprising anymore because he has been exposed at an early age in cockfighting. So, the tradition of family Hinlo will continue in the future.


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