Friday, August 22, 2014

Baby Canillas of Spanichi Gamefarm: An Expert Breeder

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Breeding is a continual process of learning. This is the philosophy of one of the most prolific gamefowl breeder in the country Marcelino ‘Baby’ Canillas of Spanachi Farm which is located at San Pablo, Laguna. During his childhood, he already loves chickens and since then he treated it as a passion. So, we can say that he has long experience in terms of cockfighting. But before he learned to love chicken, he doesn’t like it. He was annoyed in chicken and there was a time that he also kicked it.

If you will talk to him personally, you would know that he has a wide knowledge. He gained this not only through experience, but also from asking other veteran breeders. Then, he chooses and applies what he learned from those breeders. Of course, it is not easy for him to believe in one idea; you need to prove to him its validity before he accepts it. Baby has a scientific approach with his breeding and he doesn’t believe in any superstitions in cockfighting. For him, it has no strong evidence to say that their claim is true about signs and other issues connected to superstitions.

Baby is a full-time breeder and he doesn’t any other source of livelihood except by selling chickens. So, his he gives his focus into his chickens only. As a matter of fact, you can find his house inside in his farm. He built an outdoor office there; so it’s easy for him to monitor what’s going on in the vicinity of his farm. Baby considered breeding as a pure business, he don’t stake his own money in cockfighting. What he does is he is looking for individuals who are willing to finance for his chickens. Sometimes he can’t avoid using his own money, but he makes sure that he just limits himself in minimum bet.  

By the way, are you wondering why his nickname baby became Baby? His parents called him Baby because he is the youngest among their children. The roots of Canillas were come from a Spanish family. You will see it to his physical appearance; he is a mestizo.  And when he speaks, he has a high tone of voice. But don’t intimidate with him, this is just a natural for him. Like other breeders, he is also a gentleman and true with his words. If you visit his farm, he is ready to entertain you and have a chick talk with him.

Well, if you will notice about the name of his farm which is Spanchi. It was derived from his the word Spanish (Spa) and Chinese (Nichi). He had a Chinese friend who helped him in his farm. As a courtesy, he combined the named of that two races. His bloodlines are composed of Roundhead, Hatch. Oakgrove, Kelso, etc. 

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