Wednesday, August 13, 2014

3-Hits Timbangan: The Power of Bantam Derby

           Bantam derby is very popular in Northern Luzon especially in Pampanga. This is the territory of Bantam fighters. If you’re not already familiar with this, Bantam chickens are almost the same in terms of their fighting style. If there is a difference that is only about their heights. Mike Guiao of Imagine GF and Julz Lacap of War Machine with the cooperation of Bantameros Group decided to conduct a Bantam derby because during rainy season derbies are not often. And of course, they want to promote this kind of derby. Bantam chickens makes them happy and feel stronger.They can’t explain their feelings every time when they fight their Bantam in a cockpit arena.

                In the future, the organizers are aiming that Bantam derby would become popular; not only in the Norther Luzon, but in all over the country. Julz said that there are already many organizers conducting Bantam Derbies, but they are doing it illegally or just a 'tupada style'. So, they want to put it up in a pedestal or to professionalize it. That’s why they are aiming to bring bantam derby in all cockpits in the Philippines.  

                Julz is inviting all the cockfighters out there to join in their bantam derby that will happen on September 19, 2014 in San Luis Cockpit, Brgy. Sta. Lucia, San Luis, Pampanga. He also asks for a support for their upcoming derbies in the near future. If you’re not already a Bantam mania, try also to raise Bantam chickens. Julz believed that you will find out that you’re a good breeder when you composed your own bloodline. Like him, he would say that he is a sucessful breeder, his War Machine entry was already won in a Bantam derby. And now, because of his love for Bantam, he also entered as an promoter.  

                For complete details about the their derby just look at the picture in this article. If you’re interested or do you have questions, don’t hesitate to text or call  them. Their number is 0918-214-3653 and 0918-679-6240

Julz Lacap (Grey T-shirt), Mike Guiao (Yellow t-shirt)

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