Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Who Introduced You in Cockfighting?

Credited to www.dailymail.co.uk
             Do you still remember how you got started in cockfighting. Who was the person who introduced you in this one of a kind of sport? For sure, many of us were exposed in chicken when we were still at a young age. During that time, we already understood that this was a great hobby. We really entertained with the chicken fighting until we learned how to raise chickens. Maybe you’re also playing the chickens by putting a wire a wire to their legs; it served as a gaff. But I heard stories that at first they hated chicken and kicking it. They can’t explain why they became a cocker. Is this the more you hate, the more you love relationship? Just kidding.

            Some of us was influenced through our grandfather, father, friends and even neighbors who were also a die hard cockfighters. Maybe you became an apprentice to the gameyard of our father or any relatives. Our work was to feed to their chickens. If we belong to the family of cockers; we are assuming that our passion for chickens is already running into our veins. That’s why it will never relinquish as long as we are still alive on earth. It is really true that once a cocker will always be a cockers.

            But there are some of cockers who are late bloomers. They became a cockfighter when they are already old. Well, it doesn’t matter; the most important is they became one of us. It is not too late for them to explore the many aspects of our sport. At first, they were also looking this sport as a gamble. But when they learned the positive aspects of cockfighting they decided to become a cockfighters. Once they were just a bettor until they became a breeder.           Do you still remember the first time when you handled a chicken? What was your feeling? Are you excited ot are you felt nervous? You knew that some chickens was very agressive and a man fighter.

            Whoever introduced you in cockfighting, you must be thankful to them because you discovered the wonderful world of  cockfights. We always hear from other people that we should live to the fullest. As a cocker, this is our way to express ourselves and to fulfill the emptiness that we feel in our lives.


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