Friday, July 18, 2014

What Would You Choose: Love or Cockfighting?

Tamarah Deleon

                If you choose between love and cockfighting, what you would choose? Are you ready to give up your passion for the sake of love? Or can you resist your feeling for your partner in life and live with your chickens forever? It is hard to make a decision regarding this matter, am I right? But it is up to you what is the most important in your life.

                If you’re still a single, choose the person who could understand your hobby. If not, you will have a big problem in the near future.  She must understand that cockfighting is not just a gamble, but a real sport.  At the earliest moment, inform her already about your hobby. Explain carefully that cockfighting is not an evil act like what other people told. If she really loves you, she will also accept your chicken. It is already a package deal. She can’t only choose the other part of your being, then, she will reject the other part of you. You’re lucky if the girl belongs to a family with a cockfighting member. So, this will not be an issue anymore.

                I heard so many stories that their girlfriend or wife is against to their cockfighting activities. They are complaining that their husband is neglecting them. They have more time on chickens compared to their family. At day time, if they are not staying at work, you will find them on a farm. While at night they are staying at cockpit. Their partner saying that they like to touch chickens rather than to keep in touch with them. I knew a person because of his excessive addiction to chicken, he was left by her wife and went to another guy! It means that the girl also needs an attention. If she will not get it from you, she will find it to someone who can give it to her. So, be careful, guys if you don’t want to cry in the end. Except you love your chicken most rather than your partner in life.

                So, if this is the situation, what is the solution? The cocker should balance his time and energy. Give a quality time to your family, then, of course, give time also to your chicken. Remember, if things are excessive it is not already good. Don’t let your family be ruined because of cockfighting. If they will see that cockfighting is not a hindrance to your relationship with them. You can hope that they will support your hobby. Of course, don’t also use the budget for the needs of your family. Use only excess money for cockfighting. For sure, they will be happy if you share your prize money with them when you won in a derby.

                The conclusion is, why you should between love and cockfighting if you can choose it both. All you have to do is manage your time and money.                 


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