Thursday, July 24, 2014

PFGB Digmaan 10-Stag Pasabong-Pambansa Derby 2014

           The time is approaching very fast, two months from now the 2014 PFGB-Digmaan 10-Stag Pasabong-Pambansa Derby will be started on the first week of October.This is sponsored by Thunderbird, the biggest gamefowl feeds company in the Philippines. Recently, the PFGB officer was held a convention all of their officers with the president and representatives of their local associations. It was held on July 27-28 at Greenhills Elan Hotel in San Juan City, Metro Manila.

            In that convention, they served the program of PFGB and they gave an appointment papers to all of their officers. They also gave a certificate of membership to all of the association under PFGB. Aside from that, they discussed all the problems and grievances of their member. After that, they studied what would be their solution to solve the problem. Every participant had given a chance to speak up.

            Every president of the local association of PFGB declared how many sure entries that they could commit to participate in their upcoming national derby, The committee were very happy because the total number is more that what they expected. Now the PFGB is very excited and ready to bring the 2014 PFGB-Digmaan 10-Stag Pasabong-Pambansa Derby. They are also proud to say that they already prepared their guaranteed prize, which has a total of 20 million pesos.

            To all cockfighters, let’s watch out who will be the next champion of this one of the biggest derby in the Philippines. If you have an entry here, good luck!
(Source: Bandera)


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