Monday, July 7, 2014

Good Characteristics of a Cockfighter

         photo credit: hiroshi77 via 

           Cockfighting is not just a sport, but it has also a connection to our everyday lives. It has an impact to our personalities on how we deal to other people. Or on how we look to our experiences and to the circumstances in our surroundings. As a cocker, we already shaped by the characters that we learned with our circles. And we apply it on how we treat our co-worker, family, friends and even neighbors. Of course, that characters are really well contrary to the belief of other people saying that we are just a bunch of gamblers and we glorify violence.

            The truth is cockfighters are known for being a gentleman and honest people.  
We are not only honest in the cockpit, but also to the outside world. The honesty has already inculcated deeply into our mind. That’s why it is easy for us to gain the trust of other people. That is if they really understand who we are. Inside of a cockpit, we bet a huge amount of money without any contract. We are closing a deal through hand signals and word of mouth. But we never break our promise. For us, it is like a holy bow. It is a big sin if we could break that promise. In short words, we have a palabra de honor or we are very true to our words. This is only showing that we are professionals and very systematic; not a chaotic persons. For our circles are composed of respected individuals, from the masses, middle class up to the members of high class society.

            We are also known for being a fighter. Not only in cockfighting, but also how we handle the problems in our personal lives. It is not easy for us to give up every time we encounter any hardship. For we have already trained and motivated through our sport. It is not easy to breed chickens and fight them in the cockpit. We need a lot of patience to be successful in cockfights. Because the competitions nowadays are really tough. We really knew that pain and mistakes have essential; not only to be a good cocker but also to be a better person. No pain, no gain as what the proverb said.

            We also adopted the sportsmanship that we learned in cockfighting. Yes, we are also becoming disappointed when we lose with our battles. But we accept it wholeheartedly and we are don’t want to make any sour-grapping. Remember, in cockfighting even we lose, we are still approaching our competitors and we congratulate them for their winning. Now who said that cockers don’t have moral the ascendancy? 

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