Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Do You Believe in Winning Line of a Chicken?

            Cockers have different opinion regarding this matter. Other believed that the bloodline of a chicken is important because it could determine if the chicken is a good or low quality. That’s why we always hear that we need to buy chicken from respected breeders if we want to be successful with our breeding. We should look for a winning line or strong chicken. We should not rely only with the looks, but also with its potential to win in a derby. To know this, check the background of their parents and siblings. If it has a good record during their fights, it is a good bloodline. But if not, it is a losing line?

                There are testimonies saying that at first they were buying chicken from unknown breeder. Then, the result was really depressing because they tasted many loses with their fights. But since they bought beautiful bloodlines from big time breeders they are always winning in the derbies that they are joining. Because of this, they realized that bloodlines have a great factor to win in a derby. This is also the belief of some of the champions in a cockpit. For them, you need to invest with your materials because if not you would only regret to the result of your fights. They said that chickens in a big farm is really different compared it to the chickens of backyard breeders. They can provide all the needs of their chickens and they have a wide area. It means that they will take care better their chickens.

                But on the other hand, there are cockers doesn't believe in a winning line. For them, it is not about the chicken, but it is all about the capacity of a person on how he breeds chicken. If you’re a good breeder, you will have also a good chicken. It seems that winning line was just an invented only by those people who are selling chickens especially the big time breeders. How about those breeders who can’t afford to buy chicken from those respected breeders? Where they could buy good bloodlines that they are saying? What’s the use of the knowledge that they learned from television, magazine, books and internet if they could not apply it to their chicken because it has a low quality according to others.

                They believed that it’s up to the breeder how they infused the bloodlines. Even native chickens will become a fighter if you will infuse it to Red fowl. Of course, it is not easy to do that. You have to be patient before you become successful from your experimentation. They are appealing that don’t please don’t underestimate the backyard breeders and say that their chickens are low qualities. For they could also compete in a big-time derby if they have only a chance. Remember, that there were already backyard breeders won in prestigious derbies like Bakbakan.  So, it means that they could compete with anyone. The only difference is they have a lack of budget. But in terms of knowledge, they are equal to what we called big time breeders.

                Hmm, it seems that there’s a silent war between the big time and backyard breeders. In the end, it is up to the cocker what would he like to believe. The important is the result of his fight. If he is lost in a battle by using weak chickens, maybe there is something wrong about the bloodlines or to the system that he is practicing in his breeding and conditioning.


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