Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cockfighting for a Cause

          Cockfighter is one of the generous people in the world. It is not true that we are selfish because our only aim in life is to enjoy. But in reality, we are not only looking ourselves. There are times that we are also thing about the condition of other people especially the needy ones. We are not a charity and religious organization, but we could still help through our efforts.

            Sometimes the promoter organizing a certain derby because they want to give funds in a foundation. No, not for Janet Napoles Foundation, but to a real foundation dedicated to our poor countrymen. If this is the situation, it is great to join in a derby. You don’t even care if you would lose. You knew that through your pot money you could save lives. Who said that the cockers are useless in a society? Shame on them! Aside from helping government through our tax; we are also helping some foundations or to our targeted beneficiaries.

            Last year, the Actors Guild of the Philippines headed by Philip Salvador organized a 6-cock derby. The aim of this event is to collect funds to help their needy members like former stunt man, camera man, props man, etc. We knew that the film industry in the Philippines was already dying. So, they lost their jobs. This derby became successful and it was supported by some showbiz personalities like Rez Cortez, Efren Reyes, Ian Veneracion, Jestoni Alarcon and many more. Even they are not cockers, they understood the essence of cockfighting. This is not just an ordinary sport. This is composed of a gentleman and helping people.

            During a crisis, cockfighters are also ready to help the victims of the tragedy. Like what happened when typhoon Yolanda devastated  Tacloban and Leyte. Some organizations of cockers organized a derby to help the typhoon victims. While many breeders sold their chickens and donated their earnings. Some of them personally visited the typhoon victims to give directly their donation and of course to give moral support. The organizers also of World Gamefowl Expo had made an auction for chickens for the benefits of Yolanda victims.

            I heard also that Bakbakan, the biggest derby in the Philippines organized by the National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders; they are using some part of their proceed for charity. It is good to know this, that NFGB is not only helping the gamefowl industry, but also to the society as a whole. 

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