Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cockers Inn: Accommodation for Cockfighting Aficionados?

            There’s a lodging inn called Cockers Inn that you will find in Rosales, Pangasinan. It is only along the highway and beside of SM Mall. The name speaks itself that this is dedicated for the cockfighters. Plus it has a logo of a rooster. So, you would know quickly that cockers are very welcome to check in here.

            Maybe the owner of Cockers Inn is a die hard cocker. If not, he is admiring our sport that’s why he named his establishment next to the cockfighting afficionados. I’m not already visit here personally. My attention was only getting caught when our vehicle passed by in this area. So, I can’t describe the whole place. If the owner or any staff of Cockers Inn is reading, they may invite the writer of this article to review their establishment. For sure, they are offering good services for the satisfaction of their costumers. For we knew that cockers are very professional in many aspects; not only with cockfighting but to the business.

            So, if you’re a tourist cocker and you want to drop by in Pangasinan, try to check in at Cockers Inn and think that you’re at the right place. There’s also a cockpit in Rosales and to the nearest town there. By the way, aside from their branch here, they have also another branch in Davao Del Sur. 

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