Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Equality in Cockfighting

            Cockfighting is a good sport, it serves as an equalizer between the poor and the rich people. If you’re in a cockpit, they will not treat you as other. Instead, they will treat you as a friend because you’re belong to the community of cockfighters. It seems that there’s a brotherhood in our circles. We don’t discriminate anyone. We are very warm when we welcome each other. That’s why we are very comfortable every time when we are in the cockpit. The atmosphere is very relaxing like what we feel inside our house.

            The good thing also is we don’t look to our competitor as an enemy. We knew that this is only a sport. So, there’s nothing personal with our fights. Sometimes, even you’re an ordinary cocker, there are times that you’ll be matched with the big time breeders. There’s a possibility that you can beat your idol. Well, that’s not a problem, even if you’re not become a winner; to fight with them is already an honor. It will boost your self-confidence and next time you will never be afraid who ever is your competitor.

            Unfortunately, there are people said that there is no equality in cockfighting. According to them, that is only a illusion and we are dreaming over the clouds. The society was designed like a triangle. The rich people are always on top where ever they go while the poorest one are always below the line. They noticed that’s there’s a VIP area in the cockpit. So, there’s a special treatment for those people who have influence in our society. They can also eat at a buffet in a special room that the derby organizers prepared for them. They can bet  also a big amount of money in every fight. While the masses are only envying of the extravagant lifestyle.

            But in a cocker’s opinion, it is not their fault if they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They have money, so they can do whatever they want. The most important is cockfight is enjoyed both by the masses and the elite. And they are not also insulting the simple cocker. So, there’s already an equality regarding this matter.

            The critics don’t know that if you’re a cocker, it is easy to approach influential people like politicians who are also a cocker. If you will come to their office, you can’t easily approach with them. You have to pass many processes before you could talk with them. But once they should know that you’re also a cocker, they will entertain you. Provided, there’s a chicken talk; for this is also their diversion. See, that’s the power of cockfighting! So, don’t intimidate to the big personalities that you met if they are also a cocker like you. Why don’t use this as an opportunity to extend your network?


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