Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tamarah Deleon: Cockfighting is My Passion

        Meet Tamarah Deleon, she is only 17-years old. She is very different compared to the other teenage girls who are very addicted to their music of K-Pop and to the British boy band One Direction. She doesn’t also reading love stories on Wattpad. What makes her unique is she involved in cockfighting.

         For her, this is an awesome sport that’s why she loves it very much. There’s no cocker within Tamarah family. The truth is, her mother is against to her new found hobby. Her mother also believed that this sport is for gentlemen only; not suited to the girl like her. She exposed to cockfight because she learned it from her boyfriend who is a die hard cocker. She always accompanied her boyfriend to the cockpit until she fully appreciated it.

        Tamarah said that cockfighting is a really great sport because it is very enjoyable. Aside from that, you can interact with different people; from the masses up to the elite members of the society. She is very comfortable every time she in the cockfight. She doesn’t experience any discrimination and disrespectful against her. She truly believed that cockers are very gentlemen and friendly as well. They welcome ladies to join within their ranks. As a matter of fact, ladies already made a record in cockfighting scene here in the Philippines like Osang Dela Cruz and Robie Yu Panis. She has also a dream to be a lady gaffer like Ms. Robie that’s why she wants to learn how to do it. She really enjoys the sport; she already experienced how to bet money in a derby and she also experiences how to released chicken on a cockpit arena. If she has a chance, she is going with her friends to visit farms. She told that she had already toured many farms in Luzon. In terms of idol in cockfighting, she really admired the tandem of father and son Carol and Chris Nesmith of Blackwater Farm because of the consistency of their chickens.

         I asked Tamarah, if she would be a chicken, what kind of chicken she wants to be? She said that she want to become a White Kelso because it has a clean characteristic, both in and its outside appearance. Maybe she likes White Kelso because it will represent herself. For she is a white chick! This lovable lady is 5’6 in height and she was a former model. As of now, Tamarah is a first year college student, taking up engineering course. She said that her hobby doesn’t affect to her studies. She knows her priority that’s why she disciplined herself. Although she loves cockfighting, she doesn’t allow it to ruin her studies. All she wants is to enjoy cockfighting for this is her passion from ever since she fell in love with it.

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