Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sacrifices of the OFW Cockfighters

Capt. Errol Lacayanga, a pilot in King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  It is hard to work abroad. First, you will be far away from your family. You will miss them everyday. You want to hug them, but you can’t do nothing except chatting them or talking with them via Skype. To ease the pain, you’re only thinking that you’re in a foreign land to give them a better life. Aside from your family. You’re also miss your chickens and your favorite hangout- the cockpit!

                We knew that cockfighting is not allowed in some foreign countries, especially in Europe, USA and United Arab of Emirates. But I heard that there are OFWs taking a risk through joining in underground derbies. They can’t suppress their hobby even that is very dangerous. There’s a possibility that the authorities there will put them in jail. They are not in the Philippines, where it is easy to bribe the authority. For sure, they are very strict with their rules. So, it is better to follow their laws if you want to have a big problem.

                If you’re an OFW and a cocker; what are you doing to cope your longing for chickens? Do you have books, magazines and DVDs about cockfighting? At least, if you have these materials you’re getting updated what’s new with our sport. You will also know who are the best breeders and what’s the hottest bloodlines in town. I’m very sure that youu’re also joining forums about chicken either it is on Facebook or in the gamefowl forum sites on the internet. By doing this, you can share your opinion and feelings with your fellow cockers. Hence, you will not feel that you’re alone. You’re so lucky, if your co-workers in abroad are also a gamefowl enthusiast. You can talk with them about the passion for chickens. Hmm, I heard that most of Filipino seafearers are cockfighters. That’s nice!

                If you have chickens in the Philippines; I’m also sure that you’re always thinking about it. That’s why you’re checking their conditions from time to time. You’re very happy every time when you hear that your chickens are winning in a derby. But deep inside, you’re also be saddened because you’re not there to witness their victory. You’ll be contented watch their fights on YouTube or by watching live streaming over the internet.

                You don’t know how long will you stay with your work in abroad. For other OFW, maybe one year is already an equivalent of a long period of time. If you will only follow the desire of your heart; you want to go back as soon as possible in the Philippines to be with your family and chickens as well.  But you’re not a selfish person. For you have been already sacrificed the most important things in your life. But no matter what happens, family and chickens will always be on your heart. But one thing for sure, you will be back in our country.



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