Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rey Briones:The Strength of Spartan Farm

           Rey Briones is one of the popular breeders in the Philippines. He gained his popularity when he became a champion in World Slasher 2003. Many people surprised because of his championship because during that time, only the big boys who were winning in WSC. Not only that, he becomes a champion again in WSC in two consecutive years (2011 and 2012). Before that, he became a two time runner up with a score of 7 wins and 1 lose in that prestige derby (2005 and 2009). He proved that his chickens are really great. And of course it will not be happening if Rey has no natural talent in breeding and conditioning chicken.

            The name of his farm which is Spartan derived from the gladiator of ancient times in Rome is very suited to the characteristic of his chickens. Because like gladiators they are very brave and have a unique strength every time they fight in the cockpit arena. By the way, Spartacus is a favorite movie of him.   

            Rey is a tabloid newspaper executive and a columnist. If you’re reading tabloid, maybe you’re already familiar with his name. For him, he was only a simple cockfighter who dreamed to become a champion in a big derby. He considered himself as a marginalized breeder because during that time his conditioning area was only about 54 hectares. He had only a few chickens, unlike today that he has many chickens. It is estimated more than two thousand chickens. When he first fought in WSC, he only bought chickens from Negros. He was very confident that he can beat the biggest names in cockfighting. For there were no wrong in trying and the rest was a history. He believed that his winning in WSC 2003 gave an inspiration to the marginalized breeders to try also their luck. The footsteps of Rey was followed by the like of Engr. Sonnie Magtibay who is also a World Slasher Champion.

            According to Rey, before he became a champion, there’s no new name winning in WSC. But when he won that also the time that new breeders making a new record in that prestige derby. From being unknown they become a famous in an instant and that was happening to him. He has bank rolled the money that he had got from Slasher until he expanded his farmyard. From 54 square meters it becomes 8 hectares! You will find his farm in San Miguel Bulacan, it is almost at the foot of Sierra Madre. As of now, he doesn’t buy chicken in Negros because he already established himself as a breeder. As a matter of fact, he has his own signature bloodline like Spartan Red, Spartan White, Spartan Bulik, Spartan Black and Spartan Gold. It is composed of different chickens like Dink Fair, Perry Hatch, Roundhead etc.


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