Friday, June 6, 2014

Lance Dela Torre:From Gaffing to Chicken Breeding

                Bacolod is very popular; not only because of their colorful festival and delicious foods and sweet delicacies. The province is also known because this is the home of some expert breeders and one of them is Lance Dela Torre of Red Foot Game Farm. He is very famous with his Boston Roundhead. Many cockers and breeders considered him as their idol. He didn’t win in any prestigious derby, but a lot of people are winning through his bloodline.

                If you think that Lance was already an expert breeder from the beginning; you’re probably wrong. At first, he didn't know how to breed chicken. But since he was a child, he was already exposed in cockfighting. He was influenced by his grandfather who was a cocker. He only began joining in cockfights when he finished high school. He bought a cock from his neighbor in a very affordable price. Then, he competed in a cockpit, but during that time he doesn't had any idea about chicken breeding.

                Before he becomes a breeder, he was working as a gaffer and he was very expert on it. He firmly believed that the gaff has a great factor for a chicken to win in a cockfight although bloodlines are also very important. For this is the weapon of a chicken. In just one hit, you’re chicken could be win. Many people admired because of his talent. He was hired by big time cockers like Felix Trebol, Mayor Nonoy Jalandoni, etc. He also worked as a gaffer for Nene Abello for more than 5 years. Aside from this, he also worked with D.O. Plaza. He considered D.O. as his mentor; he earned a lot of things to this prominent breeder. He was taught by his mentor how to breed chicken.  Then, he discovered that he has also talent in breeding.

                Despite of the popularity of Lance in breeding, he didn’t forget his first job. If there’s a chance, he is teaching a gaffing lesson in a seminar. Before he became a full time breeder, he served as a police for nine years. In a personal note, Lance has three children, two boys and one girl and they are taking courses Law and Medicine. No one of them is following the footsteps of their dad. But it doesn't bother him; the most important is he is giving a good life for his family because of cockfighting. He is considering this as a pure business, no gambling involved.

                Lance doesn't know how when he would resign from breeding. As long as his body has energy, he will still continue what he is doing. But even if he retires, he has already left a mark in Philippine cockfighting history. He has nothing to prove anymore, he will always be remembered as an expert breeder who sold a lot of chickens. His Boston Roundhead has already a household name for many breeders; not only in the Philippines, but also in the other part of the world. 

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