Monday, June 30, 2014

How to Win in a Cockfight Derby?

    Competition nowadays is very tough compared to the past decades; only a few names denominating in cockfighting. This was happening because during that period you can only count on fingers the knowledgeable in chicken breeding. They were the rich and famous breeders; they could afford to buy imported chickens. But now, even ordinary cockers have imported chicken. Then, Filipino breeders developed their own bloodlines that could compete in any kind of derbies.

            Sorry to say that there is no guaranteed formula on how to win in a derby. Even the champions would say that they are also losing with their fights. Sometimes they go home with tears in their eyes because their chicken has performed poorly. But the good thing about them is they are not stopping from joining derbies. Just to prove that their bloodlines are still superior. Of course, they want to take care their good reputation that they built in gamefowl industry and they want also to make an another winning record.

            To win in a derby, just believe in yourself. Always put in your mind that if other cockers did it; you can do it also. Just continue the system that you thought that could help you to improve your breeding and conditioning program. Proper training to your chicken before the day of the fight is very important. So, you should really work for it. Just always make sure that your chickens are healthy. Make sure also that your gaffer will do his job properly. In a wrong move, your chicken might lose. By doing this, you’re near in a championship that you’re dreaming for.

            In the end, always remember that cockfighting is still a game of chance. You may win or you may lose. At least in cockfighting, it is easy to win compared to Lotto. You need a lot combination of numbers before you win. But here, two chickens are only involved. Are you for ‘meron’ or ‘wala’? It is alright even if you would lose. You knew to yourself that you did the right things. You don’t have to worry because there’s always a room to improve in our sport. For sure, in your next fights you would also become a champion. Remember, the real winner don’t know how to quit. Yes, this is a very practical tips, but it served as a reminder to all of us.


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