Thursday, June 19, 2014

Health Benefits of Cockfighting

            Cockfighting has a health benefits for us, although there is no scientific explanation about this thing. All we knew is everytime when we handle our chicken it would make us relax. It’s really hard to explain what’s inside of us. It’s seems that we are in ecstasy every time when we are with our chickens. All our stress and headache due to our business or work problem will ease suddenly. We become happy when we touch their feathers and of course when we spar them. It gives excitement if we would see that they have a good performance.  Because we are hoping that they could win in a derby.

            In the morning, everytime when we open our eyes, what comes first to our mind? Even we have so many priorities in life, we always think the condition of our chicken. So, we are looking for our chickens while drinking coffee.  It seems that the crowing of the chicken is a music into our ears. Like music it also gives delight to our soul. So, this is another form of relaxation.  It is very different to the feeling of non-cockers because they hate to hear the crowing of the chickens. They are only looking at this an irritating noise. And they are also complaining about the bad smell of chicken droppings. Well, always have a patient for them, if you don’t want to stress with their sentiments. Just make sure that you don’t put your chicken very near at the house of your neighbor.

                Aside of relaxation, cockfighting is a better antidote for any sickness. If you’re busy with raising chicken, your body will become stronger because this will serve as an exercise for us. Compare to you’re just only working in your whole life. You need also have a break, life is not made to work only. But we need to do something that will make us happy. As a cocker, chicken is our happiness in life. I knew individuals who are already senior citizens because of chicken they become feel younger. They don’t want to stay inside their house to watch television, instead they are going outside and carrying their chickens. If they are not doing this, they think that their body only becomes weak. But because of cockfighting they are still energetic. They feel that because of chicken they will live longer. Yes, this is true, we are worry free and always happy, there’s a chance that we will not die early.

             One of the best examples is Biboy Enriquez, he is more than 70 years old, because of cockfighting, he is still looks younger compare to his age. But of course, Mr. Enriquez is attending in a gym that’s why he has a muscular body and he is also conducting yoga and eating vegetables. Whatever, cockfighting has a big contribution to maintain his good health. But yes, aside from raising chicken have a good lifestyle also. We still need to care our body; stay away from excessive liquor drinking and smoking. Just drink and smoke moderately my friend if you could not stop from this vice.


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