Monday, June 2, 2014

Carol Nesmith: A Tradition of Excellence in Chicken Breeding

Carol with his son Chris Nesmith
               Once you’re become a breeder, you’ll always be a breeder for life. Even if you stopped from it, you will back to the things that you loved most. This is the story of Carol Nesmit of Blackwater Farm that is based in Novou, Alabama in America. He had already stopped from breeding, but after a short period of time he was back in the limelight. For he missed breeding; it seems that his life is incomplete without it.

                Carol Nesmith is also considered as one of the legends in American gamefowl scene. We can rank him next to the late legendary breeders like Mel Sims and Johnnie Jumper. Mr. Jumper became  his close friend and he considered as an idol. When this man was still alive; they were acquiring chickens from their farms. Instead to compete; they were helping each other.

                Like other breeders and cockers, Carol was also first involved in cockfighting when he was still a child. He started from joining hackfights in their area until he joined in major derbies. During his younger years, he travelled in many cockpits in their country. Where ever he goes, he made a good performance. He already fought here in the Philippines and he made a record when he won in World Slasher Cup. This is only showed about his genius in breeding. He really knew how to produce a good bloodline. Even big time breed has his chickens like Biboy Enriquez, his Super Sweater was originated from Carol Nesmith.

                Carol loves to visit the Philippines because this is a haven for any cockfighter in the world. He loves its culture and he is admiring the gamefowl industry here because it is very active. Aside from joining World Slasher Cup, he already attended at  the World Gamefowl Expo and bid his chicken in this big event. Last time, he also attended the first Gamefowl Festival.

                As of now, Carol is more than 60 years, but this is not a hindrance to do all his responsibilities in his farm. For him, breeding makes him feel younger because he gets energy from it . This is only depicted  that chicken breeding is also a form of exercise. Look at his physical appearance, he still looks good despite of his age. He is not worrying if time will come that he need to retire from breeding. He can pass the farm to his son Chris Nesmith who is also a breeder. The good thing also, his grandson named Nick also like chicken. So, the love for chickens are already flowing in the blood veins of family Nesmith.


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