Friday, June 27, 2014

Beware of Bogus Gamefowl Sellers

Source:Red Gamefarm Facebook Fan Page
              Fake sellers are spreading over the internet that’s why we must be careful when we are buying chickens online. They are posting beautiful pictures on Facebook or  other selling sites. Of course, the viewers might get interested to buy it; hoping that they will get it. But the worst is, after they pay for it, the fake sellers will not send their chickens. This is a very painful experience  for the part of the buyers. Their hard earned money becomes useless. All they have to do is to get angry and remind the public to beware of the fake buyer who fooled them.

                But what we should do to get avoid to be a victim of their modus operation? We should always be vigilant with the people that we met on the internet because we don’t know them personally. There’s nothing wrong to give your trust, but before you do that, give it to the right person, not to the bogus one.  The first thing you should do is check their background. Just research, is it true that they have a farm. Where is it? It is better if you will order chicken to the buyers who has a good reputation. Meaning, they are a lot of people who are testifying that they bought chickens from that person and they are very satisfied for what they’ve got.

                On the other side, there are also buyers who are not fake. Yes, they sent the chickens to the buyers. But the problem is they don’t send the right chickens. Instead to send the chickens on the pictures, they send another bloodline with low quality. This is also a kind of fooling people because they are not true with their words. Without thinking that their credibility should suffer. There are also instances that there are buyers complaining because the chickens they bought are losers. Then, they will announce it on social media to give a reminder that don’t buy chickens from that particular breeder. Maybe the chickens they bought are also low quality or maybe the enemy of their chicken is better than their chicken. If you’re buying chickens online, you’re also taking a risk. Because you don’t see its play before you buy it. Unless you personally visit their gamefarm.    

                If there is a fake buyer, reading this post, please stop from doing evil. Cockfighting is a world of honest people, so don’t pollute or make it corrupt. Maybe you can victimize once, twice or thrice but not at all time. Time will come that you will also put in jail like what happened to the person who made a fake Facebook account and Red Gamefarm and pretending as Edwin Aranez. 

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