Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Which is Better, to Maintain a Few or Many Chicken Bloodlines?

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            Every breeder has own style regarding on his method of breeding. There are some breeders that they love to maintain so many different bloodlines in their farm. They treat every bloodline as special because every gamefowl has their own characteristic and they want to discover what it is. So, it doesn’t matter if it’s Kelso, Roundhead, Hatch, Dom, etc. If they can acquire all the bloodlines in the world, they will do it. But of course, it is still depends on the capacity of their budget and to the cleverness of a breeder. We knew that it is not easy to maintain many bloodlines. But they accepted it and considered this as a challenge. For they love to do a lot of experiments. When they become successful that’s already a great accomplishment and they will feel fulfillment as a breeder.

            But to the other breeders, they don’t like to maintain so many bloodlines. Two to four bloodlines are already enough. They don’t want to bother themselves for doing a lot of experiments. They only breed their favorite bloodlines. What they are doing is they are only cycling their bloodlines. They believed that by doing this, they could save a lot of time and energy from infusing so many bloodlines. Then, they don’t have assurance which bloodlines are good and what are the worst one. They are convincing new breeders that they should also practice what they are doing. So, they will not mislead from their breeding. For them, if you have only limited bloodlines, it is easy to make a signature bloodline compare to maintaining too many bloodlines. You’re only looking for headache and other people may call you as a chopsuey breeder. But make sure that maintain only the best chickens. It is better if you acquire it from the respected breeders in the country.

            In the end, as a breeder, you have still a freedom what to choose. If you maintain a few or many bloodlines into your farm. As long as yo’re happy with it, just go ahead.. If you’re not becoming succesful from your breeding, you can change it and make an adjustments until you become contented with the result of your breeding. If we can compare chicken breeding to human lives, it is also a continual process of learning. So, just always fill your mind with knowledge. We can measure our success as a breeder, if our products has a high percentage of winning in the cockpit.


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