Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Legacy of Mel Sims in Cockfighting

Mel Sims had been a part of American gamefowl history. When he was still alive, there were many breeders acquired his chicken. For they believed that his breeding materials has a winning line. Why not? He developed his bloodline through many years.

            But did you know who was influenced him to raise chickens? When he was at a young age, he had a Filipino neighbor who introduced him in cockfighting. This Pinoy breeder offered him to buy a chicken. Then, he bought it for 5 dollars. He was really interested in that chicken because it was really beautiful. Since then, he didn’t stop in chicken breeding until he grew old. He only stopped it when his body became too weak.

            Mel Sims became famous in gamefowl industry, not only in America and in Mexico, but also to the other part of the world. Here in the Philippines, his name became a household name for many breeders. In his career as a cockfighter, he gained a lot of championships in derby. One of the most historical was when he became a champion in Interconintal Derby (Mexico Vs. USA) and when he hot the Golden Rooster trophy which was made of gold. Once, he became also a Cocker of the Year in America.

            Mel Sims  was the kind of breeder who loved to maintain a few bloodlines. As a matter of fact, he had only four bloodlines in his farm like Hatch, Grey, Red and Kelso. He acquired his Kelso from his friend Duke Hulsey, one of the legendary cockers in America. He was only infused his chickens with each other. He did it because he don’t want to be confused about choosing what’s the right combination to his breeding. In terms of choosing broodcock, he like the chicken with beautiful eyes and feather. He was also much favored to the chicken which have a medium size body. 

            Did you know that he was already arrived in the Philippines during ‘90’s?  That was when he joined in World Slasher Cup. Although he didn’t get the championship, he made a good fight from that prestigious derby. He scored 6 wins and 2 loses. He was also impressed with the culture that we have in our country. We are very hospitable and of course, we are very dedicated to cockfighting. For a foreigner like him, Philippines is a true paradise for the cockers. He made friends with many breeders here and they were also acquired chickens from him. So, don’t be surprised, if his chickens are spread all over the country.

            Yes, Mel Sims was already gone, but his legacy in cockfighting is still living on. His chickens are still here and many breeders are keeping it. They really love to breed Mel Sims Hatch with his other bloodlines. They are saying that his chicken has a good performance in cockpit arena. 

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