Sunday, May 4, 2014

Smart Araneta Coliseum: A Great Venue for Cockfighting

The dream of every Filipino cocker in the Philippines is to fight their chickens in Smart Araneta Coliseum. For us, it is already an achievement if we could reach at the Big Dome. When you hear Araneta, what comes first into your mind? Of course, this is a world class venue for big events either it is about sports and entertainment. Many local and foreign musicians are performing here. In the field of sports, this serves as a court of PBA and a venue for UAAP and many sports activities. Thrilla Manila, the legendary fight between Muhamad Ali and Joe Fraizer was conducted here in 1979. Until now, they are still displaying the tarpaulin of that fight.

But we could only fight our chickens in Araneta if we are joining in big time derbies like World Slasher Cup which is conducting here two times a year. If we reached to the elimination round of Bakbakan and Digmaan, then we could reach here also. It that could happen, it only means that your chickens are tough. We knew that it is not easy to be in elimination round of the said prestigious derbies. But of course, you’re very welcome to enter here as a watcher. The ticket is 1 thousand pesos only.

When you’re in Smart Araneta, it is very comfortable here to fight. Their cock houses are really good and the whole place is very relaxing because the ventilation is really okay. It is also easy to move here because of its wide space. Unlike to small cockpits which are overcrowded. Everything here is really organized. Then, you can assure of your safety because there is a police visibility. So, for those people who are planning to do cheating, please don’t do it. They can never escape even they never run or hide. Beside the strong presence of police, the cockers here are also vigilant. 

Araneta has also a giant screen; it is easy for us to monitor what’s going on in every fight. You don’t need to go near to the cockpit arena just to watch closely the fight. You could still watch while you’re sitting from afar. The bettors are scattered everywhere, so, it is easy to match our bet. You can assure that they the management here is really fair to everyone.

Maybe some people are wondering, why there is a derby in Araneta Coliseum? The answer is George “Nene” Araneta, the president of Araneta Group of Companies is an avid cocker. He came from a clan of cockfighters so he was adopted it. As a matter of fact, he is carrying chickens in his lot beside Edsa, near in Farmers, Quezon City. Thanks to Nene because he brings cockfighting into a higher level. He is also allowing their beauty queens from Bb. Pilipinas to attend in the press conference of World Slasher Cup. Maybe he also wants to prove that our sport is not just an ordinary game. That’s why they opened their stadium for derbies. 


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