Sunday, May 11, 2014

How to Organize a Cockfight Derby?

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                According to the promoters that I already interviewed, it is not easy to organize a derby. It doesn't mean that if you have a bunch of money, you can do it already. There are many things you should consider before you can proceed to your plan. First, you need to build your name or reputation in the gamefowl industry. What they are doing is they are accepting all the invitations that they are receiving from other promoters. It means that they are investing their money, time and effort. So, next time, they can also invite the people who invited them. It is just a matter of give and take or give and you shall receive. This is their way to become familiar to many cockfighters. You need to be friendly if you want to widen your network and influence.So, you must use your PR skills to get the favor of everyone. You need to act like a politician and an admirer who really knows how to court their prospect. But you need to be an honest at all time to build your integrity as a promoter.

                It is not necessary that you have a cockpit before you can conduct a derby. Just look for a cockpit that willing to give a schedule for your derby. Talk to the cockpit manager and ask about the details regarding their requirements and rules and regulations. Before you close the deal, make sure that you have already a concrete plan toy our derby. What kind of derby you want to organize? Is it a stag derby, fastest kill, etc. How much is the pot money, minimum bet and of course the prizes. It is better if it is affordable. So, many cockers can join to your derby. Make sure also that the prize is guaranteed.

                Do also some gimmicks to get the attentions of your the attendees. Hire sexy dancers to give an intermission number. Adding real chicks are the style of other promoters to add some spices to their derbies. To lessen your expenses, you should look for sponsors. There are many companies out there who are willing to give sponsorship for a derby. Just send them your proposal and state what will be their benefits if they tie-up with you.

                The last thing you need to do is you should focus on marketing strategy. Promote your derby through word of mouth and social media. You can put an advertisement in a newspaper if you have an extra budget. You can also use the schedule of your derby to your entry name when you’re joining in a derby. And don’t forget to invite all of your friends to join in your derby.   

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