Sunday, May 25, 2014

How to Be a Sentenciador in Cockfighting?

Artwork by Edbon Sevilleno

           The role of sentenciador or judge in cockfighting is very important. They are the one who can determine which gamecock wins. It is not easy to be senticiador; you must have keen eyes in the chicken fighting. It is important that you will see clearly the chicken that last pecked.’ So, you could announce correctly the winner. Is it ‘meron’ or ‘wala?’. If not, you could accept complaints from your judging. If this could be happened the committee needs to review the fight. If they prove that your decision is wrong, they will correct it. This is only natural because nobody’s perfect, even sentenciador could make a mistake. The important is don’t make a mistake frequently.

                Aside from having keen eyes in cockfights, it is also important that you’re honest to your job. We can’t deny the truth that there are dome corrupt sentenciador out there. We will find them in small cockpits. Please, don’t do it also, it is not good for your career. If you’re a senteciador, there are times that there are individuals who will approach you and offer money to make sure that they will be a winner. Turn down their offer because if the cockpit management discovers your bad work, they will never hire you again. They will also say it also to other cockpit managers. So, there is a chance that you’re becoming blacklisted. Even the gamefowl industry is wide, the people behind here has a connection to each other. Remember, that cockfighting is a gentleman’s sport; cheaters have no room. 

                The work of sentenciador is also very dangerous. There is a possibility that they will hit by the gaff of the chicken. So, they need to be careful while performing their job. You will notice that some of them have protection gear to their wrist. 

                The right thing to do is building your reputation. If you will do this, there are many cockpits will hire your service. By the way, how much could you earn from being a sentenciador? It depends upon the financial capacity of a cockpit, if they are small or big. According to the sentenciador that I talked, his clients paying him from 5 thousand and up per day or night. He also said that he is very proud of his job because he provides all the need for his family. Who said that this kind of job will never give a better life? You can make it this as a career, if you have a skill and determination.  Aside from good earnings, the other prize of being a sentenciador is you will also be like a superstar because you’re at the front of many people. As a judge in court, you have also a power and you would be respected by the cockers.


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