Thursday, May 1, 2014

Girl Power in the World of Cockfighting

              Cockfighting is known as gentlemen’s sports because it is denominated by males. But we are not only limited to boys because even girls are entering also in our beloved sport. We are not selfish that’s why we welcome them to join. Like us, they also fell in love with the beauty of cockfighting although this is a bloody sport.

                Maybe the family or relatives of lady cockers are against to their new found hobby; for they believed that cockfighting is not suited for a lady. They also believed that this is just a form of gambling and a cruelty to animals. There’s nothing new about that kind of arguments. Even some male cockfighters were also persecuted by their family until they convinced them that our sport has many positive aspects. It gives opportunities to many people by providing a livelihood.

                Every lady who involves in cockfighting has different stories how they entered in gamefowl industry. The famous lady cocker Josefina “Osang” Dela Cruz of Goldquest Gamefarm was introduced to cockfighting because of her husband who is also a cocker until Osang became more active in joining derbies than her husband. While the adorable lady gaffer Robie Yu Panis, farm manager of Firebird Gamefarm, owned by Biboy Enriquez was a former hotel receptionist in Sulo Hotel. The hotel was formerly owned by Biboy. He recruited Robie to be a receptionist in his farm until she was promoted to a higher position. Now, Robie is one of the interesting personalities in the Philippine cockfighting scene and she is considering as a Princess of Gaff. Because of her popularity she was featured several times in magazines and television programs. But before this, she doesn’t have any idea what is cockfighting all about. But through his connection with Biboy her world became really different. She discovered that gamefowl industry is really beautiful; very far away from the bad description of the critics of our sports.

                Osang and Robie proved us that if men could be a cocker; they could be like them also. There’s nothing difference between male and female cockers in terms of abilities. The only difference is about gender. But it doesn’t matter in cockfighting because whoever you are, you are very welcome to join with this fantastic sport. Yes, even the members of third sex are also welcome here. We always encounter them every time when we are in a cockpit. It only means that cockfighters are real gentleman because there is no discrimination inside our circles. All we want is everybody could enjoy also our sport!

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