Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Do You Believe in Luck to Win in Cockfighting?

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Every one of us have an opinion regarding this topic. For others, luck is not important. It is like superstition that has no scientific explanation. It seems  that you’re putting your life into what we called destiny. You’re hoping that you’ll become lucky every time you fight. They also believed that luck has no connection with our sport. It is only an expression and a desire to win. You could win through determination and how you prepared for the fight. For them, if you have a good bloodline and taking care very well your chicken, there’s a chance to win in a derby although it is hard to predict who will be the winner.Their point is to work very hard and don’t believe in luck.

In the other side, some cockers said that luck is very important. If you are not lucky on the day of your fight, you will only lose. Although your chicken has a good bloodline and yoy conditioned it very well. Yes, even it was already won from your previous fights. You can’t control the fight of your chicken at all. There’s a possibility that it could be hit in the sensitive part of his body. Your chicken would defeat in a first or second buckle. Like in boxing, remember Ricky Hatton? He was knocked down by Manny Pacquiao in the second round of their fight. Before that, Hatton was very confident to win because he was an undefeated champion. Then, suddenly he was a loss and put himself in a shameful situation. What makes different our sport to boxing is it’s hard to predict who will win. The fight between chicken are really faster. It only last for minutes or seconds only; while in boxing it could last up to 12 rounds if the both fighters are tough. 

Lucky believers also said that many cockers nowadays have good bloodlines. And they have access to information regarding our sport. That’s why they are becoming knowledgeable in chicken breeding and conditioning. So, what’s the difference you and with your opponents? If you prepared very well; same with them. They are aware that cockfighting is really tough today compare before. It only means that you need to be lucky to win in a derby. Hmm, if this is true, what is their lucky charm? Do they have amulet and a magic word? Are they using this before they compete? Or what they have is a strong faith that they will become a champion?

Well, it is still up to you what you would tend to believe from the opposite opinions of our co-cockers. There’s nothing wrong if we believe in luck as long we don’t neglect our duty with our chicken and we don’t forget to give our best. Luck will not come to you if you do nothing. Faith doesn’t work alone; you need to push something until you achieve your goal. If you lose today, for sure you will become a lucky tomorrow. So, good luck to all of you, especially you who read my article.


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