Friday, May 9, 2014

Cockfighting: Career or Just a Hobby?

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   Is cockfighting is just a pure hobby, a diversion in life? Or we must consider it as a career? Mostly, we are joining in a derby mostly to enjoy ourselves.
  We consider this as a form of relaxation, although this sport has full of tensions and drama everytime when we  are in the cockpit arena.  We don’t know if our chicken will gonna win. Of course, as a breeder we are wishing that we would be a champion. So, our effort would not put in vain. But that’s also the wish of our opponent.  But whatever will be the result, we accept it wholeheartedly. After that, as a hobbyist, we will prepare for our next fights. Whatever problem we may experience with our chickens, we just welcome it and treating it as a challenge. If we love what we do, any hardship become easier. We are already considered cockfighting an extension of ourselves. It seems that we can’t live without it.

         We can’t also deny that there are many breeders considering cockfights as a career. They made a business from it through selling their chickens. While some  of them are by providing materials for farms, etc. They are very lucky because aside from they are enjoying, they also earn money. But before the breeders reached their beautiful status in the gamefowl industry, they built first their reputation as a breeder. They already proved to us that their chickens are great. And they are continuing to improve their bloodlines  to maintain their good record. If they will not do this, they will surely lose their costumers.

       I’ve known a full time breeder; selling chickens are the only source of his income. That’s why there are no dull moments for him. He is really thirsty for knowledge. He always does a research to improve his craft. His approached in raising chickens is very scientific. Because of his attitude, he gained their trust and loyalty of his costumers. Would you believe that when he is fighting in the cockpit, he don’t expense his own money?  Because he always has a financier who are willing to gamble their money to his chicken.

       There are also breeders selling their chicken, but they are not considering it as a pure business. They only want to recover the operational cost of their farm. So, they don’t mind if they can’t gain big profit from it. They are already happy if they do a break even. We knew that cockfighting is a very expensive sport. So, they really need to use their entrepreneurial skills to continue their lifestyle as a cocker.

        Yes, cockfighting is both career and a hobby for us. But it depends our capacity and background. For sure,  everyone of us is dreaming to be a forever cocker. If this is our dream, we must always be  conscious with our financial capacity. We can’t have chickens if we don’t have enough budget. Always remember that put our family first next to our chickens. Cockfighting is not made to destroy a family, but to help it if we could do a business with chickens. But we also knew that not all people are business minded. It is okay, as long as we are respobile in our hobby, we will not mislead in a right way.    


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