Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Petition to Stop Cockfighting in Mexico

               There’s a petition that aims to stop cockfighting in Mexico. This country is like Philippine where most of their people love this sport because this has also been a part of their culture and tradition for how many decades. This petition against Mexican cockers is headed by a man named Jess DeCristo. Aside from giving his name, he didn’t reveal anything about himself or what’s the group that he is affiliated.

               Mr. DeCristo posted his appeal to different petition sites like,, etc.  He is asking people from all over the world to support him from his advocacy. He called cockfighters as selfish and greedy. He is considering cockfighting as animal cruelty. But this kind of argument is not a new issue anymore. This is also the battle cry of animal rights activist groups like PETA and HSUS. First, they made to stop cockfights in America because of their influence. They are not still contented of what they achieved. What they did is they brought their campaign in different countries where the presence of cockfighting is really strong especially in the Philippines and Mexico. This country is also a favorite destination for foreigners who want to join in a derby or if they want to acquire chickens.

                For sure, Mexican co ckers will fight for their rights if their government would listen from the lobbying of animal right activist groups or from the likes of Mr. De Cristo. The funny thing about De Cristo’s petition, it seems that it has no impact to get the sympathy of the people. He only got a few people who are supporting from his advocacy. This is not enough to stop cockfighting in Mexico. So, there is no need to ask Mr. DeCristo to stop his petition. It is up to him if he still wants to pursue it. As long as the Mexican cockers united, they would continue the gamefowl industry in their country.

                Petition sites are really good to make changes in the society, but this is not applicable in cockfighting because this is an honorable sport and many people are getting their livelihood here. 

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