Monday, April 28, 2014

Why Do We Need Off-Color Chicken?

We need off color chicken on our farm because our regular chickens need to be familiar with them. If they fight off-color chicken on cockpit they would not be confused. They would think that their competitor is a hen. Instead to fight, the chicken has regular color don’t attack it immediately until they hurt. That’s only the time before they attack. But what  if the damage is great? So, there is a tendency that our regular color chicken will be defeated. Because of this, it is really important to put off-color chicken in our farmyard.  What’s the problem with Hennie chicken? They are not a literal gay; there’s no gay chicken at all. 

We can also use them, not just a display. We can make them also as our feathered warrior. We always see off color chickens competing in cockpit arena. They are the favorite gladiators of our some fellow cockers.  They believed that off-color chickens have also skills like regular color chickens. And for superstitious cockers, they believed that they are lucky chickens. Well, off color and regular color has no difference except their color. Both of them have a unique style in terms of fighting style. It is their instinct to survive in such a deadly game. Both of them could kill their enemies. Only the wise and strong chickens have the chance to survive.

But we can’t deny the truth that there are some cockers doesn't like off color chickens. They believed that they are weak chickens. Maybe they associated them to broiler chickens. Well, let us respect if that is their opinion. In the old times of cockfighting they never used off color chickens every time they had a fight. But as of today, everything has already changed, off-color chickens are becoming popular. Remember the Zamboanga White of Boy Primallion? It was a great chicken when Boy was still active in cockfighting. Of course, even the Dom made history in Philippine cockfighting when GenGen Arayata became a champion in World Slasher Cup using that bloodline. Then, the tandem also of Doc Ronnie Magbalon and Engr. Ralph Daigo was become also a champion in the said prestige derby using the Dom came from GenGen.

Now, who said that off color chickens have no guts?  Even off color chickens has the chance to win in a derby. It depends on how you breed and conditioning them. Well, still it’s up to you if you want to get off color chickens. Other off color chicken breeders carrying this chicken because they also want to have a remarkable record while using this bloodline. They knew that it is hard to make a name through regular color chicken because there are already many breeders who are very popular in regular color chicken. Unlike in off-color chickens, there are only few names left a mark or footprints in the gamefowl industry.  

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