Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Role of Cockfighting in Politics

Ramon Mitra Sr. 
           There are many politicians in the Philippines who are involved in cockfighting; from barangay up to national level. Some of them are cockpit owner or just a promoter. No more surprising about that because whoever you are, you would love this sport. We knew that this is a good diversion and a livelihood for others.

            If you’re a cocker and very active in this sport; it is very natural that you will become famous. Other individuals are using cockfighting as a vehicle to run in a government position. I heard many success stories of politicians; they won through the support of the gamefowl enthusiast. Cockers trusted cockers as simple as that.

           In some instances, there are politicians using cockfighting for their projects. I heard that there is a politician from Luzon used this to give livelihood for his constituents. He is giving chickens for them to breed. So, after they breed, they can earn money if they sell it. While there are some politicians who built cockpit to help people through giving them jobs as bettor, vendor, gaffer, etc. To help people is also their primary goal why they built their farm. For them, this is not just a hobby, but a livelihood for many people. One of the popular cocker politicians was the late Sen. Ramon Mitra who was very vocal about the sport. His son, Gov. Baham Mitra of Palawan is continuing the legacy of his father. He also loves cockfighting and very active in this sport. Of course, who can forget former Sen. Ramon Revilla, Sr., a well known cocker during his political career? And of course, Cong. Patrick “Idol” Antonio is also very famous in the gamefowl industry. Thousands of cockers around the Philippines elected him when he ran as a Representative of the party-list named AGBIAG. Once there was also a party-list tried to represent cockfighting in Congress but unfortunately they were disqualified.

                Many cocker politicians are very aggressive when they are betting. You will always see them joining in big derbies. Some of them would bet from 50 thousand to 100 thousand and above. Well, there’s nothing wrong about that; that’s their money unless it is from the taxes of the people or derived in any kind of corruption. But we might believe that they are honest because honesty is always present within our circles. This was the reason why people chose them to be their leaders.

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