Friday, April 4, 2014

The Pride of Being a Backyard Gamefowl Breeder

                The backyard breeders are the backbone of gamefowl industry. Maybe they don’t have a big budget for chicken breeding, but they have a heart of everything they do. This is what we need in our sport- to have passion. Despite of hardship in life, they find ways to survive on cockfighting word. We knew that this is very an expensive hobby. I’m not saying that all backyard breeders are poor. Of course, some of them are wealthy, they have a small farm and few chickens. Then, they considered themselves as backyard breeders.

                Backyard breeders have a big contribution to the gamefowl industry.Every day, they are consuming more of the gamefowl related products. They buy per pack or sachet but they will pay it in cash. Unlike big-time breeders; if they are an endorser of a gamefowl product, the company giving them feed supplies. If not, they can get a big discount.  Well, that is only natural because that is the pay for their service as being an endorser. Imagine how many volume products that the backyard breeders consuming every month, then multiply it into million. That’s why cockfighting became a giant business . Not only in the Philippines but into the whole world. Let us thank if we are backyard breeders because we created many jobs in the gamefowl industry. The meaning of being a backyard breeder is not a small time breeder. Instead, we are a job provider,  although we don’t realize that.

                Without backyard breeders, big-time breeders are also nothing and not became successful. Like in any aspect of our lives. The people below our rank, they are the one who lift you up. You will surely fall if they will pull you down. Yes, it is true that big-time breeders are superstars. But backyard breeders are also stars, even their bred is not yet popular. The important is their contribution, not only in the gamefowl industry, but to the society as well. One thing also, without backyard breeders, maybe there are no cockpits in every town especially in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, there are some municipalities having more than one cockpit. It means that there are so many cockers in that place. I’m very sure that the majority of that is backyard breeders.

                If you will notice, backyard breeders now are becoming tough on cockpit arena. Gone were the days that their chickens are so weak. Some of them are winning big events. Because, as big-time breeders, they became also knowledgeable in terms of breeding and conditioning. They have also an access of good materials. So, if you’re a backyard breeder, be proud of yourself!


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