Monday, April 7, 2014

The Mystery of Cockfighting

              Do you remember how your interest caught by cockfighting? Maybe you were influenced by your family, relatives, friends or even neighbors who loved this sport. Many of us were exposed to chickens since our elementary days. From the very beginning we were really hooked with cockfighting. While other people are late bloomers; but at least they became a part of it. I met some people saying that at first they don’t like cockfighting because they believed this was just only a form of gambling. But when they understood what this sport is all about, they accepted it and changed their negative perceptions. Now, they are also enjoying and very active in joining derbies.

            Did you already ask yourself why you became a cocker or a breeder? There are so many sports like boxing, basketball, football, etc. What makes cockfighting so special? Why we chose this even narrow minded people looking at it as a vice and not a genuine sport. The worst is they are considering this as animal cruelty. But whatever they say, we will make a stand to protect our sport.
            Why is it hard to explain what’s our feeling for gamefowl chickens? It seems that there are no enough words could describe it even if we have wide vocabularies. All we knew, we are very happy to raise our chickens until we bring them to the cockpit. The thrill never ends if you’re a cocker. There’s no dull moment because every moment is an adventure. We are not pretty sure if we will win in a fight. Because even our competitors have good chickens and knowledgeable in terms of breeding and conditioning. But we are not afraid with them. Instead, we take it as a challenge. If we lose, that is the time that we could develop our skills. For always there be a next time in cockfighting.

            I will ask another question. Is there any moment in your life that you want to quit the world of cockfighting? Because of the problems that you encountered with your chickens? Maybe it was a financial, health problem or any hardship. You almost quit, but suddenly you realized that whatever happen, you will never quit. Because you already considered that cockfighting is a part of yourself. We may call it as a hobby or a diversion. We really emotionally attached to this sport. Not only with our chickens but to the relationship we made through cockfighting. Some of those people became our friends, financier, business partner, etc. Maybe that the reasons why we are still here- to taste the glory of cockfighting and grasp its mystery.  


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