Monday, April 28, 2014

The Brotherhood in Cockfighting

            Cockfighters are one of the most friendliest persons in the world. Because it is easy for us to connect with our fellow cockers. Even we only met in a few moments we are very comfortable with each other. It seems that we are soul mates because we are living under the same sports. When we talk about chicken it seems that there will be no tomorrow.

            Cockfighters are a very gentleman not only because we are honest when we bet. But we are very best in terms of sportsmanship. When we lose, we accept it wholeheartedly. We don’t have any bad feelings to anyone. We knew that cockfighting is a friendly game; not just a competition. As a matter of fact, after we lose in a derby we reach out to our competitors and congratulate them for their success. Nothing is personal for us because they might be our friends someday. It only means that we are not bitter, but a better person. For always be a next time to excel with our fights.

            One thing, when we are using Facebook, many to us when we see that the profile pic of someone has chicken we will add that person. Although we don’t know who they are. All we knew is they are allied and they will also appreciate us. This is the beginning of another friendship and connections. This is the reason why many cockers had already reached the maximum amount of friends in Facebook. Hmm, the world is really getting smaller because of the internet.

            The friendship we gained through chickens is not only limited inside of a cockpit. It is not just about chicken talk. It also extends to our personal lives. Some of the cockers we met became our business partner, dealer or supplier. Some of them became our best friend, godfather, etc. Well, that’s the magic of cockfighting. Many cockers testifying that since they involved with our sport the number of friends was tremendously increased. How about you, my friend?

            The camaraderie inside our circles are very strong. It seems that we are a member of fraternity and a Mistah in the military which is the relationship is very intact. Maybe, if cockfighting is a republic, we could build our own country. But we don’t need to do that. The important is we have unity to nurture our sport and make a stand to fight against from the groups who are against cockfighting. Our efforts are never put in vain. We knew that our sport is getting better compared to the previous years. This is happening because of our fervent support to the industry we love through joining derbies and by buying gamefowl products. Okay, brothers just continue the fun and friendship to our circles. For we are here to enjoy and share our innermost thoughts with our fellow cockers.


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