Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Patrick Antonio: Ultimate Idol in Philippine Cockfighting

           Patrick Antonio is a known cocker and we can consider him as one of the institution of cockfighting in the Philippines. He is really an idol of many of us; even prominent breeders like Biboy Enriquez admiring him because he is really an expert in our field. Patrick Antonio is a 6th time World Slasher Cup Champion. He was also a consistent contender in that prestige derby and always joining in other big derbies like Candelaria, Bakbakan, NCA and many more.

            Aside from being WSC Champion, he was also a multiple NCA Breeder of the Year. That’s the reason why Patrick Antonio became a household name. You always hear his name where every part of the country you go. If there’s a chicken talk, his name has always been cited, and they set him an example of a good chicken man. Patrick is very hands on every time when he has a fight because he is the one who putting down his gamefowl warrior on cockpit arena. Unlike other breeders, they are not doing this because they are afraid to be hit by the gaff of their chicken.

            Since 80’s Patrick Antonio is making noise in the world of cockfighting. We will never count how many championship, he already achieved. But of course, like in any other sports there is also time for losing. Yes, he already tasted many unlucky moments, but it doesn’t affect with his popularity.  Patrick Antonio was already established his name. If you are in a cockpit and you will hear that chicken is from; for sure you will bet for his chicken. As a fan also, maybe you are also using his gamefowl product which is Sagupaan.

            Cockers admiring him because Patrick is very good in terms of chicken selection. He knows how to work with chickens to be more competitive. And of course, as a big time breeder he has good bloodlines and he has a lot of choices. But why does other big time breeders are not as good as Patrick if that is only the issues. Yes, resources are a big factor in chicken breeding, but you need a natural talent to be successful in this tough sport. Other believed also that not all chickens on his farm are his own bred. He only bought it from other breeders then he fights it. If this is true there’s nothing wrong with that because even breeders doing this. They are buying chicken from other breeders if they think that their chickens is better than their chickens.

            What I also admired with Patrick, if you will see him in person he is very calm and not a snobbish person. And if there’s somebody calling him ‘idol’ he will smile to you. Even he is very popular he always stay his foot on the ground. You would never feel any boastfulness from him. Aside from being a good cocker-breeder, maybe his kindness paved him the way to be a politician. He won the heart of the people who trusting him. 

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