Friday, April 18, 2014

Old School of Philippine Cockfighting

                   Filipino cockers  
                 Cockfighting in the Philippines was quite plain or simple during old times. Others believed that the Spaniard brought it here in our country. But that was not true because cockfighting was already a favorite past time of forefathers before they came. What they had to do, they supported it and not condemned. Spaniard was already familiar with this sport. I read that in other countries, even church was sponsoring cockfighting to collect funds for charity. There’s a possibility that the Malaysian were brought cockfighting in the Philippines.

                According to the stories of some veteran cockers and breeders, during their times they were no hybrid chickens. They only were buying native chickens in the market where it was put in a small bag. They don’t have any knowledge about chicken bloodlines. They fed their chickens with corn, grain, rice, etc. There were no feed companies during that time. The death mortality upon chickens was very high because drugs for chickens were not already developed. So, the breeder has a little knowledge of terms of medication.

                But when Filipino cockers began to buy imported chickens that was the time they improved their breeding. There were also some American breeders who joined in a cockfight and after that they gave their chickens to their Filipino friends. I heard also that there were foreign breeders taught them how to breed chickens. Then, they applied what they had learned and made some adjustment to be suited to our style and to the weather condition. Filipino breeders became familiar with different bloodlines from the likes of Sweater, Kelso, hatch, etc. From there up to now, there are many American breeders became a household name (dead or alive) like Foster Kelso, Billy Rubbles, Johnnie Jumper, Mel Sims, Carol NeSmith, etc. Why not? They named their chickens based on their names. What Filipino breeders did, they made their own bloodline using imported chickens then they claimed that they were the creator of that bloodline. Well, there’s nothing wrong about that. But as a breeder you need to become famous first before it will be accepted in the gamefowl industry.

                During the last decades, only few names was outshines in the world of cockfighting. Only those breeders who had an access to imported chickens. Many people don’t have knowledge about breeding, conditioning, pointing, etc. because the source of information was very limited. DVD’s, magazines, internet and television shows were not already available during that time. Cockpits were not as much what you see today where every municipality and far flung area has their own cockpit. But the good thing during those early years, they could conduct cockfighting within the vicinity of their farm; provided, they had a permit if they don’t want to get raid by authorities.

               Cockfighting is very different nowadays. We knew that it has evolved and getting better and better as the day goes by. Thanks for those people whose continuing supports our beloved sport. Without them, maybe gamefowl industry is not like as what we have today. Of course, you and I have also a contribution to this sport. 

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