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Nene Abello The Master Breeder of Sweater Chicken in the Philippines

            Nene Abello is one of the most popular breeders in the Philippines. From now and then, we always hear his name. He is known for his Sweater bloodlines. The Sweater named derived from the American breeder no other than Sweater McGuiness. Mr. Sweater was a contemporary of Harold Brown, Duke Hulsey and Ray Hoskins.

            According to the site of Nene Abello, he acquired his bloodlines from Harold Brown and Carol NeSmith during late 80’s. During that time the two legends were partners and denominating the major derbies around the United States. But when their partnership was ended, Nene already acquired bloodlines from them which are Sweater families. He thought that those chickens could compete and more suitable in the Philippines. And he was right in his perception.

            The Sweaters came from Carol NeSmith while he acquired Green Legged side from Harold Brown. Aside from that, Nene also was a friend of Ray Alexander who had Roundhead chickens. Then, he crossed it with the Sweaters that he acquired and the result was very impressive and spectacular. After that, he realized that he need to make another signature bloodline because as day goes by the competition become harder and harder. He needs to survive to maintain his reputation as a breeder.

            Nene also bred Hatches by Mr. Brown. He told that when his brother and son were living in the Dallas, Forth Worth area he always visiting Ray Hoskins. He acquired Yellow-Legged bloodlines and crossed it to his other lines. Because of his ability, he won in major derbies using the Sweater bloodlines. He became a champion in World Slasher Cup in 1995 and 1998 and became a runner up also in that prestige derby. He also became a champion in Candelaria Derby in 2002 and 2003. Now because he is a prominent breeder, he has many buyers not only people from the Philippines but also in the other part of the world like Malaysia, Mexico, etc.

Here we go this is the list of his achievements…


2010 - Solo Champion (First Thunderbird Boracay Challenge - All Star Derby) June 12, 2010

2008 - Champion 7-0 ( 7-Cock Derby Monju and Vic Promotion; Guanzon Sports Center ) Entries : Raffy and Rafael

2006 - Solo Champion (P2M Annual Chito Tinsay Birthday 5-Cock Derby, Iloilo Coliseum, Iloilo )

2006 - 7-1 Co-Champion (8-Cock World Slasher Cup, Araneta Coliseum, Manila )

2002 - 7-0 ( 7-Cock Derby Annual Candelaria Fiesta of Iloilo City )

1992 - Solo Champion ( 7-Cock National Derby, Roligon, Manila )

1995 - 7-1 ( 8-Cock World Slasher Cup, Araneta Coliseum, Manila )

1996 - 6-2 ( 8-Cock World Slasher Cup, Araneta Coliseum, Manila )

1998 - Solo Champion ( 8-Cock World Slasher Cup, Araneta Coliseum, Manila )

1999 - Solo Champion ( 5-Cock Cream of the Crop BOSS Derby, Balbina, Pontevedra )


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