Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to Deal With People in Our Farm?

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        Every boss in the farm has own characteristics on how they treat their team. Some of them are really good; they know how to deal with people. But there are also some farm owners who are naive and don’t have a time to make bounding their team. They are a boss so, they need to act as superior or untouchable. It seems that they are still in a business or in a office that’s why they tend to be professional. And the worst is they think that they are a king and the empire is their farm. Yes, they can still operate their farm because they  have money. But the question is can they get the heart of their team? Yes, they are ordinary people and just working for them. But remember that having harmonious relationships pave the way for success. Because if everyone is  happy they are inspired and focus with their work.

                There’s nothing wrong to act as a boss; but be humane also or have a compassion for other people. It is better to plant a seed of respect rather than fear. So, if you’re a farm owner or planning to build a farm you should treat your team as a family or a friend. This is very important to gain their trust and loyalty. If they have an opinion regarding your farm or chickens they will never be shy to suggest it to you because they know that you will listen. Remember, that even if you’re a hands-on farm owner. Your team has more time in the farm than you. So, they have a lot of observations and as a farm owner, you need to know that also. Whatever they suggest, as a boss in the end still you’re the one who can decide. The bottom point is you know how to listen, and you’re an open minded person.

                If you’re winning in a derby don’t forget to give credit to your team. Without them you will never reach any championship. You can’t do it by yourself alone.  Except giving praise, just give also some incentives. In Psychology, this is what they called positive reinforcement. So, if they can get a reward from you they will pursue more to achieve many championships. This is good for you could build your reputation in the gamefowl industry. But if you’re not practicing this system, your team will not do their job very well . And if this happens, the result will not be good.  So, we should always take care of them and be supportive to their needs. Just remember that they have also a family to support. The work that you gave is not enough but also extend your help in another form. And I’m sure that they will give their 100% effort and talent to their work.


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