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Biboy Enriquez: The Living Legend of Philippine Cockfighting

              Leandro "Biboy" Enriquez is considered as one of the legends in Philippine cockfighting. He has been already breed chicken since 1960’s. During 70’s he became popular because of his Pyle chicken. Like other cockers and breeders, Biboy got his interest in cockfighting when he was a child and attended in a hackfight. But he was not just a cocker and a breeder, once he became a derby promoter in Teresa, Rizal.

                But where Biboy did get the name of his farm?  He said that he admired the entry name of Don Amado which is Thunderbird. That’s why he chose Firebird for his farm, derived from the sports car of Pontiac company.

                At first Biboy, was raised his chickens in Blueridge, Quezon City and after that in Commonwealth Avenue. Then he decided to move in Antipolo and Laguna until he built his 20 hectare farm in Sitio Dalawang Kawayan, Brgy. Tandang Kutyo. The good thing about this farm, he bought it through the prize of derby when he won in Roligon.

                Biboy was a former hotelier, he owned Sulo Hotel which he inherited from his mother who built it in 1967. He decided to sell the hotel because he can’t handle the responsibility anymore. He chose to be a full time breeder because this is very enjoying.

                Biboy is known as the Kelso Man of the Philippines because he has Kelso bloodlines of Johnnie Jumper. He crossed it to Sweater and the result was really spectacular. From there on, Kelso became one of his signature bloodlines. And of course, his Super Sweater is also a popular bloodline of Firebird. He got that chicken from Carol NeSmith. He has also High Action McLean, he crossed it over Harold Brown line. Then, he infuses it to Roundhead and Kelso. He has also Yellow Legged Hatch that he got from Buddy Mann.

                In 2012, Biboy developed a line called as Robie White, a throwback of his Kelso. He named it after his farm manager Robie Yu Panis known also as lady gaffer of the Philippines. And it has no connection with the American breeder Roby White. They fought in a derby of  Laguna Gamefowl Breeders Association in September 2012 and they scored straight 5 wins.

                Biboy has already gained a lot of championships and one of the biggest was when he won in World Slasher Cup in 1994. He used Roundhead, Grey and Lemon in that prestige derby. In 2003, he became a runner up, again in World Slasher Cup. He also became a champion in 9-Cock International Derby of United Cockers Association of the Philippines in 2002.  

                Aside from Biboy’s wittiness in breeding, what do you notice about him? Maybe you’re also admiring him because despite of his age, he has a sturdy body. He doesn’t look like more than 70 years old. He is very health conscious; he only chooses what he eats. He is also doing a regular exercise and practicing yoga. Aside from that, cockfighting has a big contribution for his being healthy. It makes him feel younger because raising chicken is very relaxing.
Biboy Enriquez Super Sweater



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