Thursday, March 13, 2014

World Gamefowl Expo: A Big Event for Gamefowl Enthusiast

                          World Gamefowl Expo

            World Gamefowl Expo is an annual event made for the game fowl aficionados. This is the biggest expo about game fowl all over the world and you can find it here in the Philippines. This is a 3 day event happening yearly; every month of January.  It was organized by PitGames Media Inc. with the collaboration of World Exco, a biggest event organizer in the country.
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  World Gamefowl Expo started way back in 2011 and every year it becomes bigger and bigger. On its 3rd year of operation (2013); because of the clamor of game fowl enthusiast from Visayas; they brought it in Cebu. Then, on its 4th year, the expo held back-to-back with 1st World Pigeon Expo and it was also becoming successful. They occupied the whole area of World Trade Center to accommodate all of the attendees. It was overcrowded compare to the previous years. The ticket price is only cost 150 pesos and the good thing this will be your raffle entry. So, you have a chance to win a chicken from respected breeders.

                If you’re a game fowl enthusiast, maybe you’re already attending in this big event. I’m sure, you have also a story to tell. If you missed it, you must attend next time to have a wonderful experience and see how beautiful it is. It is really enjoyable to be here. Why? Because the expo is an evident how the game fowl industry is so strong. Even there are some groups want to stop the cockfighting in the Philippines like what happened in America.  There are many companies involved in the gamefowl business. And this will be their chance to unite and make a stand in the industry. They have a fair and friendly competition with each other through this expo. They are free to make some gimmicks to boost their sales and presence. Aside from discounted products, you can expect them for a raffle, entertainment, etc. You will see a lot of beautiful models or promo girls in World Trade Center. You may take a picture with them if you want. But please, be nice and gentlemen to the ladies okay? 

               World Gamefowl Expo is also the time to see a lot of popular local breeders like Edwin Aranez , Marlon and Martin Escolin, Mayor Juancho Aguirre, Biboy Enriquez, Art Lopez and many more. This is a good opportunity to get their bloodlines. So, you don’t need in their farm. You will only be exhausted when you travel. You may also ask them directly about the composition of their bloodlines. Aside from local breeders, there are also American breeders participating here, one is James Campbell. If you have an extra budget, you can join in chicken action that they do onstage. Usually, it is happening every last day of the Expo.

                Hmm, I’m so excited again for another World Gamefowl Expo. Let us support this kind of activity, for the love of chickens and for the gamefowl industry.   

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