Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tupada in The Philippines

       Tupada is a small derby or hack-fights in the Philippines. There are many places conducting this once a week. This is also also present every Lenten Season particularly Black Friday. So, don’t be surprised if you’ll hear some noise. That is only a derby, and no commotion happens. The operators have no permit that is why it was considered as illegal by law. Only the cock pit owners have a license to conduct derby. But even it is illegal, this is still a popular activity especially for the masses. Because no need to pay for entrance fee and no need an invitation. Everyone are welcome to participate here as a cocker, bettor or just an audience.

            In tupada, the chicken bloodline is not an issue. It is only about chicken fighting and the art of breeding is not involved. As long as you have gamecock, you can join it. They are not really familiar with the composition of bloodlines of their chickens. They are only looking at their colors. Of course, you have advantages if you have a good material. But are you willing to gamble your expensive chicken in a tupada? But sometimes you will see also a tough chicken here. Remember, the source of information how to raise and condition chicken is available through television programs, magazines and internet.

            But participating in tupada is very dangerous. There is possibility that the cops might catch you up. Who ever people they spotted, they will be considered as a suspect. But cockers have a strong instinct. Before the cops arrive, they were already escaped. Because they are in their territory, they know where to run and to hide.  Goodluck for those cockers would be arrested. Make sure that they have money; so, they can immediately release in the precinct. But if they don’t have, this will be a big problem for their family. But don’t worry, they don’t have to stay in a jail for a long period for this offense. Joke only.

            Tupada has been already a long time tradition in the Philippines. Gamefowl aficionados makes a way to release their hobby for chicken even in an underground derby. It is the same with the stories that even in abroad where cockfighting is illegal; they do this in a hide place. But tupada participants in the Philippines are not hiding. They are doing this in an open place like vacant lots with the permission of their barangay officials. Maybe they are also cockers; so they really understand what this sport all about. 


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