Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Beauty of Bantam Derby

                Had you already participatesor watch a Bantam derby? These little gamefowl birds are really unique and cute. At first, you would not think that they can compete in a derby. It seems that they are weak because of their small sizes. But hey, stop comparing them with big chickens. Of course, you could not match it with the bantam. It will become David versus Goliath. Bantam to bantam only, OK?

                If I compare Bantam derby to human, it seems it is fought between children. When I first watched a bantam derby I was really amazed. That was very different to the derbies that I had already attended. Of course, bantam has low weight and their gaff is very small. If you have a blurb sight, you will not notice it. Aside from the height of these little chickens, there is nothing special about them. The system of the game is almost the same to the normal derby.

                In my observation, they are not brave as big chickens. It seems that they don’t have an instinct to kill their opponents and some of them are running in the midst of the fight. There are times that you’ll be laughed because of the cowardliness of other Bantam. But there is also bantam which is very strong and always ready to battle. Maybe their parents have good bloodline that is why the gameness is flowing in their veins. Small but terrible, right? Other breeders are crossing their Bantam with Hatch, Sweater, Lemon, Albany or any bloodline they think that should compliment to each other.

                There are some breeders concentrating with Bantam lines. Because they believe that they can establish their names through bantam derby. They know that they have a lot of competitors in a normal derbies. But in bantam derby, they have a chance to shine. In the Philippines this is very popular in Pampanga, Tarlac and in other provinces. There are also associations dedicated for Bantam breeders and cockfighters.

                The Bantam story is an evidence that size doesn't matter in cockfighting. If we apply this in our lives, whatever our situations in society, we can always be competitive in every aspect. If other people can do, we can do it also.


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