Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Beautiful Body Type of a Chicken

       Many of us love chicken with pretty looks like Sweater. That’s good. But other breeders are not depending on the looks of a chicken. It seems they believed in saying which is ‘What is beauty if the brain is empty?’ or what is a good looking chicken if it can’t compete very well. Nonsense, right? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Sweater is not a good chicken. I like also that kind of bloodline. What I mean is don’t rely only to the looks of a chicken, but look at their performance before you judge. There are lots of ugly looking chickens, but their performance is really amazing. Aside from the looks of chicken we also consider the body type of a chicken. Others breeders love chicken with a football body type.

            How do we choose the body type of our breeding material or fighting cock? Of course, we have different choices regarding this matter. But we have also common denominator, what is beautiful chicken for us. Maybe everyone would agree if I say that we like the body conformation of a chicken. Like an athlete, it is very important that the chicken has beautiful body type with strong muscles. So, the chicken can carry the hard training and great pain it may encounter.

            It is very important that every part of chicken’s body must be proportioned. We love chicken that posses a medium station. Because that kind of body size has  a lot of advantages. It is easy for them to move on cockpit arena compare to   big chicken that carry  its body properly due to heaviness. If we compare it to human, it is like a fat or heavy guy who has slow body movement. If that would happen, just hope you’ll be a loser. And if your chicken has a small body, yes it can move faster, but because if its shortness, there’s a tendency that the gaff can’t reach to the body of the enemy.

            Some breeders, when they breed they are combining large broodcock with small hen. Because there is a big possibility that the offspring will be a medium chicken. By doing this, they only want to be balanced in their breeding.Now, who will say that size doesn’t matter to chickens? 


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