Sunday, March 9, 2014

Robie Yu Panis the Lady Gaffer Star

                                               Robi Yu Panis the Lady Gaffer

 Don’t be deceived by the beauty of Robie Yu Panis because she is too dangerous. Don’t worry, what I’m saying is she is notorious in the cockfighting world. As I’ve known, she is very kind and humble in personal. She has a natural charisma that every cockfighter  would love. She was already featured in various TV programs and magazines.

            Robie  is the farm manager in Firebird Gamefarm owned by Biboy Enriquez.  Before that, she was recruited to be a receptionist in that said farm. Her work is to estimate the clients. Replying to all inquiries by e-mail, call or by text messages until she was promoted. As of now, as a farm manager, she is overall in-charge in the operations of Firebird Gamefarm. Before she working for Biboy, she was a former receptionist in  a mall, fitness center and hotel. She dreamed to be a flight attendant and she never imagined that she will be a part of cockfighting industry. But she has not regretted in her decision because she earning a decent income with her current job.  
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            When Robie started as a gaffer? One day, Biboy enrolled her in a seminar of Doc Teddy Tanchanco. One of the subject is about gaffing. After that, she was undergoing gaffing lessons by the veteran gaffers like Jun Gayosa, Noli Estrellado and Albert Margen and the rest was becoming history! Now, she was known as the first Philippine gaffer and others called him the queen gaffer. But she is only smiling about that praises. She will be more happy if you will call her as a princess, not a queen. By the way, aside from Robie; Biboy has also some female workers in his farm.

             If Firebird’s Gamefarm has a fight in a cockpit, you will see Robie is holding her gaffing materials. That is why many men astounding of her skills. It’s not all about beauty, but she is a tough gaffer. So, don’t underestimate her. Because there are some cockfighters teasing him also. Yes, it is true that cockfighting is a men’s world. But for Robie,  if men could gaff, she can do it also. But according to her, it’s not matter what’s your sex preference, the important is you could do a good job. But it doesn’t  mean that there’s something special with a lady gaffer. She don’t have a good touch in chicken like what others thinking of her. At first fight, she also feels nervous but she becomes aggressive in their next fight. She like a soldier, when she gets wounded, she will  be fighting more and more.



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